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Hi! My name is Lesa Blanchard, and this is my 9th year at Skyridge Middle School! I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade technology. In tech class, we learn about overall Chromebook use, computer programming, and we build and program EV3 robots. In addition to teaching, I also coach the Camas Combined Middle School Dance Team and lead the Skyridge Robotics Club.

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Student Corner:

  • Virtual Classes During Covid

  • Late Work

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  • Learn more about Skyward

  • Learn more about Google Classroom

  • What is Growth Mindset?

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What will a typical week look like for this class during Distance Learning 2.0? 

During Distance Learning, students will follow this pattern: 

1) On Monday, you will receive your weekly to-do list on Google Classroom. 

2) You will watch a video describing exactly what to do for the week. This video is made by me, for you, as visual directions for the assigned task(s).

-I post these videos on EdPuzzle. View this short video to learn about this tool. 

3) During live meetings (see the schedule here), you are able to watch me complete the work from beginning to end while practicing with me and asking questions.  

       -Attendance is taken during live classes!

       -Attendance and participation is expected of all students. 

4) You will then complete the assignment during independent work time.  If a you have any questions about the work, I am available to help!

     - Remember, I am available to answer questions Monday-Friday from 9:30-4pm! 

     - Ask on Google Classroom or send me an email! Just don't forget to check back for a response. 

5) During our second weekly live meeting, I will view your progress, give feedback, and either tell you to submit your work or ask you to make changes/ keep going! 

       -Attendance is taken during live classes!

       -Attendance and participation is expected of all students.

6) Work is due on Friday. See the late work policy below. 

7) Feedback will be entered into Skyward by Wednesday of the following week. 

Will you accept late work during distance learning 2.0?

Yes, but there are a few rules: 

1) Talk to me about it! If you know work is going to be late that week due to any reason, just send me an email to let me know. This helps me not to worry since I know that you are aware of the work and you are trying, you just need more time. 

     -Click here for email ettiquette and a template you can 

2) Be patient with feedback/grading. Teachers have a lot to do during distance learning, so we have likely made a strict schedule to get everything graded and returned. Late work will only be graded AFTER on time work for the week has been graded and returned.