Fast Facts


June 21


Favorite food:

Sushi! I could eat it every day.

MODPizza is a really close second though. 


Favorite Color:



Favorite Season:



Cats or dogs:

Dogs! (I have three fur-children)


Favorite City:



Introvert or Extrovert:

Introvert (big time..). By the end of the day I am socially exhausted and just want to veg out on the couch. Luckily my husband is the same way. 


Favorite Animal:

Dachshunds and Elephants



Favorite YA Books: 

Harry Potter, Cinder, Unwind, Peter and the Starcatchers, The Book Thief, Hunger Games...and more! 

Favorite subject in school: 

Math. I always loved how black and white it was. I also really loved my web design and coding classes. 


One thing I wish parents/students knew about me: 

I am super shy! I am terrified of phone calls, meetings, seeing people I know while shopping, and of course public speaking.  I fake outgoing really well, but inside I'm shaking like a chihuahua.




I was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington. Growing up, my uncle lived right on Lacamas Lake where I would go fishing, swim with friends, and have giant Easter egg hunts. I graduated from Mountain View High School in 2004, and tried a few different colleges before graduating from WSU Vancouver in 2009.


My husband and I were married in 2015, and we have three wonderful pups: Bonnie- a 14 year old, now blind and deaf Dachshund, Giggsy- a 5 year old Chispaniel, and Cali- a 2 year old Chispaniel (not pictured). My husband is also a teacher (Technology and Robotics at Liberty), so we share a common love for technology and the Camas community. 


My number one hobby has always been dance. I started dancing when I was two, and it is a huge part of my life! I am currently in my 5th year of coaching the CHS dance team, and I taught for many years at Viruosity. 


I've been learning how to golf which has been a lot of fun! Right now I stick mostly to the driving range as the courses are still a bit intimidating, but hopefully with more practice, I will be able to get out there more. 

I also love to read, play video games (Elder Scrolls), and travel as much as possible!  



I started my teaching career in Las Vegas, Nevada. I taught writing, journalism, yearbook, and I coached the cheerleaders. It was a busy first two years! Teaching in a new city was a fun and exciting start, but ultimately, I missed the PNW. I was lucky enough to land a job in the amazing Camas School District and couldn't be happier. This will be my 8th year teaching at Skyridge. 

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