How can my son or daughter receive additional help?

We have a special time of the day dedicated to additional help- Flex! With our new Flex system, students who need additional help will be able to come see me Tuesday-Friday from 3:15-3:45. Students will become more familiar with our new flex system in the weeks to come, with plenty of practice and explanation. 


What is this assignment?

After discussing the assignment in class, I will post a reminder of the directions in your student's Google Classroom. Receiving this information in multiple places helps your student to remember what is expected. I encourage you to revisit the post about this assignment with your child. Retelling this information to a parent helps students to better understand, and it gives them the opportunity to receive advice from you about goal setting, time management, and ways to get started.


Why did my son or daughter earn this grade?

-Between class discussions and immediate feedback whenever possible, it is my hope that students will always understand why they earned their grade. Asking them to sit down with you and look over the assignment expectations vs. what was submitted is a great way to help your student improve for the next assignment! Typical reasons for low scores are missed directions, an incomplete assignment, and rushed work.


What did my son or daughter miss?

-A daily run down of each day is found on your son/daughter's Google Classroom page. While this is a great place to get resources and find out what was missed, it is not a substitution for class as vital instruction time and peer interaction was missed. Attendance is crucial for success!

*If you know ahead of time that your son or daughter will be missing school, please contact the attendance office and have your child fill out a pre-arranged absence form.*





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Schedule a Meeting

Email is the best way to contact me about quick, fairly impersonal questions. However, when discussing concerns about a student, grade, or situation, I feel that this is best done in person. Please email me about scheduling a time to meet so we can discuss the situation in a more personal manner. My office hours are as follows:


Before school: 8am-8:45am

Plan time: TBD

After school time is very limited due to coaching. 


Email me at Lesa.Blanchard@camas.wednet.edu. My goal is to reply to every email within two days (not including weekends).

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