Student Chromebook Use and Responsibility

Responsible Use

The Chromebook is one of many resources provided by the Camas School District that provides opportunities for learning and growth. Using computers and other equipment is a privilege. With the privilege of access comes the responsibility of access. Students will use the computer and internet for educational purposes only. 


Be very careful to follow the guidelines for computer and library media center access and realize that there are disciplinary or legal consequences if you do not. This is NOT your own personal property, and you are not permitted to “hack”, change permissions, utilize Facebook, Twitter or similar sites, e-mail, or do anything that might jeopardize the Network's use by others in the school and district. Students should not share their passwords with other students or log-on under another student’s name. 


Devices being issued are the property of the Camas School District and are being made available as a a tool for learning. As with other school equipment, the device must be used in a manner aligned with board, district and building policies.

Inappropriate Use and Consequences

Actions that are in conflict with school and/or district codes of conduct will result in a consequence deemed appropriate.

Specific codes relating to technology include but are not limited to:

  • Bullying Behavior- Such as harassment, discrimination or intimidation.

  • Offensive Behavior- Including profanity, obscenities or otherwise offensive to a reasonable person

  • Malicious Use- Including misrepresenting others, modifying files from another, accessing an account of another.


  • Be Prepared- Bring the device to school each day with a full battery charge.

  • Be a mindful digital citizen- Files, including communication and collaboration, must be consistent with school policies and copyright laws. Be sure to communicate responsibly. Don't share your passwords with others, and refrain from logging in as another user.

  • Take care of the device- Use the case provided. Keep the device away from foods, liquids and refrain from adding stickers. Do not leave your device unattended or close the device with items inside.

  • Keep the integrity of the device- Specific software and system configurations are intended for student safety. Do not alter district settings or software.

  • Return in good condition- Devices are to be returned to the district when the three year cycle is complete or upon withdrawal or transfer. The device must be in a working and reasonable condition and include original peripherals (ie. case and charger).

Chromebook FAQs and troubleshooting


I forgot my chromebook or skyward password

               Any of your teachers can reset this password. 

I tried to email myself a password reset, but I never got the email. 

Your account is only allowed to receive emails from Camas accounts. Not even your parents can send you an email to your @csd117 account. This means “send me a password reminder” or “email me a password reset” will NEVER work if the account uses your school email.  



My chromebook won’t type apostrophes or quotation marks

Change your keyboard language from “US International” to just “US”

My chromebook zoomed in really big, and I can’t get it to zoom out. 

There are a couple of possibilities:

1) Your browser tab is zoomed in. Check if in your URL bar, there is a magnifying glass next to where you bookmark a page. If so, select it, and press “reset”.


2) Your display settings have been changed. Go to your display settings and adjust the resolution. 


A previous teacher still has me restricted on GoGuardian.


They actually-most likely-do not. Your computer simply hasn’t realized it has been set free. 

1) refresh your tab

2) close your tab and open a new one

3) close your browser and open it again

4) restart your computer


OR Have you current teacher start a GoGuardian session to try to snap your computer out of it. 

My screen won’t wake up, an app has frozen, or I’m having charging issues.   

Perform a hard reset by pressing the refresh button and power at the same time. 


Getting your Chromebook Fixed

If your Chromebook has an issue, and you cannot solve it using the tips given, it is time to turn it in to get fixed. Turn your Chromebooks in as soon as you notice a problem. 


Problems can include, but are not limited to:

External issues: Cracked screen, missing keys, broken cover

Internal Issues: Unresponsive keys, 


  1. Take your Chromebook to the LMC

  2. Fill out a form describing what is wrong. Be as specific as possible. 

  3. Leave your Chromebook with your explanation of what is wrong*, and check out a loaner. 

  4. Your Chromebook is now in line to get fixed, and you will be notified when it is ready! 


*Mrs. Vredenburg will read your explanation and try to recreate what is happening. If she cannot recreate it, she cannot fix it. The more information you can give about what is happening, when it happens, what might have started the problem, etc. the better!