Rotation (STAR) classes meet every other day for one trimester (12 weeks).


General Technology: Using your Chromebooks, Skyward, and GoogleSuite (2 weeks)

Coding: Basics using Scratch (5 weeks)

Robotics: Basics using Lego EV3 kits (5 weeks)


General Technology: 

Understanding your online presence (2 weeks)

Coding: Level 3 Scratch (5 weeks)

Robotics: Lego EV3 level 3 (5 weeks)


General Technology: Understanding your personal media habits. (2 weeks)

Coding: Scratch level 2 (5 weeks)

Robotics: Lego EV3  level 2 (5 weeks)


Yearlong vs one trimester - 36 weeks total


Understanding your online presence (2 weeks)


Career exploration (2 weeks)

Coding: Python 101 (14 weeks)

Robotics: Lego EV3 Level 3 and 4 (14 weeks)

Design: 3D Tinker CAD design (4 weeks)


Looking for even more? Join the spring robotics club and build robots to compete in a local tournament!

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